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You’ve spent long enough wishing your relationships could be fulfilling again.

You know that something has to change, and it boggles your mind that you have been talking about the same issues for so long.  You’ve lost hope that certain relationship can be redeemed, and the stress is affecting your entire life.  

There are many approaches to resolving conflict and finding peace, and yet nothing has helped. You’ve asked friends and family to listen, but all they do is talk negatively about the other person, and then take up your time to complain about their own issues. Sure, we want them to take our side, but we also need them to help us find a way to fix the problem. They are no help at all!

I am here to help you make sense of the root issues, and share wisdom for restoring peace in relationships from a Christian perspective. I get it: the significant relationships in life need to be solid so that the rest of the world makes sense. I have put all the tools and wisdom I know to the test in my own relationships and found a peace that is pretty unshakable. It is my mission to pass on the same, for you to use in your own life, and watch how it brings you much needed change.

If you are ready to say goodbye to the insanity loop, to get unstuck, and to have peace in your relationships, sign up for a free 30-minute consultation where we can discuss the issue and create a plan to help you find peace your relationship.

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One-on-One Personal Coaching

Ditch the friends and family who keep you from finding peace. They mean well, but often are not very helpful, confusing you even further. Coaching works best for people who are ready to focus on the issues and create a clear path for resolution. Inviting me as your coach means you are the focus of the conversation. I work for you and with you to understand the issues, equip you with a variety of the best peacemaking tools, and get you ready to resolve conflict and  bring peace to your relationships.

I am a confidant with no agenda other than to help you find more peace.

One-on-one coaching is for people who:


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Group Coaching: Coming Soon

This exciting new offering is scheduled to launch soon.  During this 8 week group coaching engagement you will receive~

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