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Austria, Composers & Royalty

This day we visited the graves of famous composers, yes it is a regular and very popular tour in Vienna. Since Vienna is the birth place of some of the worlds most beautiful classical music, it stands to reason.   These composers were very young when they died, some in their 30's and some in […]


Austria Day 3

Today we were in Grobschonau about 2 hours from Vienna. Our music director was here 9 years ago playing at their festival. This year the town prepared a tractor parade where they pulled groups through the town to a quarry. The blue tractor below was my favorite, it’s something about the color. Some sights along […]

Austria thankful


Each year, around the New Year, I sit and listen to what God desires my heart to know. Each year its different and each year I am challenged to seek and be more like my savior, Jesus. My brother in law would refer to these as his “marching orders,” this is mine. This year I […]


If my gate were open…

If my gate were… If my gate were left open… My friend Trese posted a photo on her FB page of a dog running for his life, the caption said, “run, like someone left the gate open.” This made me think, what if my gate was left open? what would I do? If you know […]