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Austria, Composers & Royalty

This day we visited the graves of famous composers, yes it is a regular and very popular tour in Vienna. Since Vienna is the birth place of some of the worlds most beautiful classical music, it stands to reason.   These composers were very young when they died, some in their 30's and some in […]


Austria Big Day

Today was a rediculous day jam pack with performance activity; just check out the schedule below. So, if that didn't make you exhausted just reading it, you are perfect chaperone material for the next overseas trip! The schedule was pushed up just a bit because the instruments of another band didn't arrive from their point […]

Austria Purpose thankful

The Art of Conversation

Conversation and connecting do not come easily in these times, we have lost the passion to know each other, and to allow others to express themselves fully when we do sit to converse. Quick tidbits of information are sent out via FB, twitter, and texting, giving a false impression that we are communicating. Then when […]