Author: Kristin Lawrence

The Real Enemy to Relationships

At the start of any coaching engagement or group workshop the conversation centers around what someone did to hurt my clients. The conflicts are real. The pain people carry is often tragic and the scars can last a lifetime. The interesting thing is when we are in pain, we fixate on what our eyes can […]


Be a Good Beginner

Being a good Beginner. Recently I was contracted to conduct phone interviews for an organization, the job is to talk to folks who are interested in continuing their education around a particular coaching practice. I am passionate about this coaching practice, of course, it is the process I follow. In fact, it is the very […]

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Building Emotional Stability

“The difference between where you are and where you could be is the pain you are unwilling to endure.” ~Craig Groeschel Recently, I listened to Craig Groeschel’s leadership podcast with guest Lysa Turkhurst, who used the metaphor of an olive tree to describe how to build emotional endurance.  Check out the metaphore; Grow your emotional […]


Daniel’s Relational Wisdom

Last time, I introduced what Relational Wisdom was, to set the stage for looking at biblical examples of people living a full RW life. If you missed the intro you can find it HERE. Today, I wanted to look at Daniel and his friends who were taken from their home to serve in king Nebuchadnezzar. […]

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Have Joy in Relationship

It is hot here in Northern California, but Im not complaining since I tend to run really cold throughout the year. I say bring on the heat.  What type of weather do you prefer?  In addition to it being hot outside, our blog family is pretty hot as well, we have many new folks to […]


Nesting birds and marriage…

What a time of the year, the flowers are amazing to see and smell, in fact I’ve been kept awake a few nights because the smell has been so powerful! Another amazing experience this Spring was that a hummingbird momma chose our house to nest her 2 little eggs. Check out the beautiful nest. I […]