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Setting your intentions for 2016

The last 6-7 months I’ve been studying about Relational Wisdom (RW) with a guy named Ken Sande. So much of what I teach is inspired through what I learned. You may have heard me say, that life is all about relationship; I’d like to share with you more about why peace in relational wisdom is worth pursuing. […]


The Ultimate Testimony

Our daughter left a few weeks ago for a 1 year mission trip to Great Britain, serving with a ministry called Betel International, you can check out what they do here. Since she is spending a whole year with this group, I thought it wise to read one of their books describing how the love […]

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Ready, Jet, GO

getting ready to accompany my son’s band to Austria, there is so much this trip will mean to me, stay tuned for updates… For now there is a ton of things to get done, to start I am headed off to cover the grey with Linda at Retreat Salon and Spa


Identifying with the little red flower

I was out tending the garden this morning, and noticed that most of the flowers were really thriving. Flowers give me such pleasure, watching them grow as the colors meld together into one eye-catching picture.  When I noticed one of the flowers was not growing like the others I was troubled.  That flower received the […]


He set his mind and…

My first thought of the day was how thankful I was that God continuously forgives me. Then I thought how does he do it? How does God maintain that character of forgiveness where he never holds my stupidity against me? Not only did He decide to forgive; He also decided to forget.  Thusly, our relationship […]

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7 Ways to Make Lasting Resolutions

The road to fulfilling a New Years Resolution can be daunting if they are made haphazardly. Consider the following suggestions before setting your New Years Resolutions in “stone”. 1. Be Realistic – over arching idealistic dreaming is exactly where your resolutions will end unless you take serious inventory of your capabilities. When we think too […]