Being intentional is tough…

Like many people, I know I have a calling on my life. Some people just know from an early age, that they are meant to be builders, teachers, care givers (Doctor/Nurses), parent, artist among other things we can choose to be.

For whatever reason God put it in me to love people and conflict resolution, and to support others through coaching.  I didn’t know this until much later in my life, so I have had to break through some tough life style habits and mindsets of my own in order to trust God fully with what He put in front of me.

I have to admit, I don’t know why God put this call on my life, and for a long time I’ve tried to deny it. Looking to fill my time and place my energies toward other projects and interests I did a good job of intentionally running away from the call.

Today is a new day. A new season. I have heard, many times, God call me to stop running and  turn my intentionality towards getting the word out about Peacemaking.

This means I need to work smarter, get uncomfortable, hire a business coach, connect more with those who believe in living and responding differently in a dying world, and make my message known.

That is going to take a ton of bravery and a departure from living comfortable. It means I have to be vulnerable to people judging me, I don’t like that. It means that I have to rely on Jesus to be my everything and let people see me fail.  

You may have seen some of my Mindset Monday videos. Where I encourage us to set our intentions for the week which will help us to improve the way we experience relationships.

Well, I wanted to invite you to view more video uploads, <Click Here> and gain tools and insight on how to live the life of a peacemaker.  If you like them you may want to subscribe to the channel so you will be notified when there is a new posting.

Not fully knowing where God is going to take me as I practice being more intentional with the call He put on me, I hope that you will be with me for the journey. I am here to serve and I want you with me all the way.

Finally, please share my website,  FB page and YouTube channel with others, I can’t possibly know everyone, so I would be honored if you would introduce me to your friends.

Do you have a call that you need to be more intentional about? Tell us in the comment section below and let us support you.

Many Deep Thanks,

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