soaking it all in…

I just thought I’d let you all know (all 2 of you that might possibly read my posts) that I am at the peacemaker ministry conference in Denver, Co. So far it has been fabulous, there is so much wisdom and experience in this hotel it is a bit over welming.

I have met many friends for the first time, everyone has a unique story for why they are here and how they got interested in Christian conflict resolution. Many denominations, many nations, many vocations, it is fabulous.

One friend, Stephanie has been on furlough from Guam. I say she is on furloug because she would like to go back but is still unsure what God has in store. For now she is working on her master of teaching. I am super excited to know what Gods plan is for her life, I can tell she will be great at anything she does.

Another friend is Lauren, who is on staff for PM happend to live in Kansas City, Mo at the same time I did. She even knows the Scotts, a dear family I had the preveliage of knowing while there. Funny how the Church is so connected and interwoven.

Lastly, I met Steve, uncle to Stephanie. I lunched with them and heard his story of how God called home to minister to people in Tanzania.  Let me tell you, God has been teaching and reinforcing the idea that no opportunity is by accident, and Steve is just another example of that. Steve was asked to go on a short term mission trip just to play his guitar. Since that time he has retired from working so he can travel back and forth to Tanzania  serving the villagers with the gospel of our Lord Jesus.

I am tring to process all the information I am receiving as I get it, my hope is that I can pass it along to you all as it settles in my spirit.

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