In Hot Pursuit

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Making choices can be a very daunting task that I have a ton of empathy for.  Recently I hired a business coach to guide me through the process of launching a business. The first thing I told her was “look out,” I am hard to pin down because I love everything, can do a lot, and have the gift of vision! All of these things are great assets but, we also know that often our greatest strengths are also our greatest weaknesses.

During the course of 4 hours my coach was able to ask me many questions that began to congeal into 2 distinct tracts for my business. (No, I will not reveal them yet I’m not ready) As we spoke the answers to her questions all became the same and I was able to make strong focused decisions that I am sure will develop into just what I have prepared to do all along.

I asked Jennifer, my coach, why was it so hard for me to decide what my business was going to look like? She said because when people have too many choices, as opposed to just one choice, they tend to make no choice at all. This was the case with me, since I could see myself doing just about anything I could not make the final decision until I started to honestly proclaim what I want my business to look like.

So, I am at it once again (developing myself professionally) but this time I have narrowed down my business to 2 things and this focus has brought me great peace.

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