Fulfilling Dreams

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It’s funny how people can have a particular interest and never pursue it to its full potential, I am one of those people. As a child I had dream after dream of talking to many people, mainly about God and his Son’s death on the cross, but also one on one about their conflicts and personal issues in life.  These dreams have not been fully realized causing me to wonder why.

I know I am not the only person to NOT realize their dreams, but for those that have I am amazed. Recently I read a post by Bob Harper, the fitness coach of the biggest loser (one of my favorite shows) who said that he came to California with the goal of making it big in the fitness world. I can’t think of making it any bigger than being the only trainer who has been on the biggest loser for every episode affecting thousands of lives. These people who realize their dreams seem to live, eat, and breathe what they do, something that I have a hard time doing. This difficulty stems, no doubt,  from selfishness something I have been working on these last years. It also has roots in fear. Fear of success, of the work it takes to actually be good at something, of making the wrong decisions.

Finally, feeling like I am on the road to fulfilling my dream. I can’t be more excited, I am now able to affect peoples lives through fitness training. From what I am seeing so far it combines well with my love of being in the gym and getting into peoples lives. It fits well with my family life (my schedule is 5am-1pm) where no one will feel my absence too much.

Keeping on with this journey is going to be work, but just the work that I should have been doing all along.


What are your dreams? What have you done to attain them? What has stopped you? Who gives a good example of someone who went for it all to attain their dream?

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